BATSE 4B Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog (revised)
W. S. Paciesas 1,2, C. A. Meegan 3, G. N. Pendleton 1,2, M. S. Briggs 1, C. Kouveliotou 4, T. M. Koshut 4, J. P. Lestrade 5, M. McCollough 4, J. J. Brainerd 1, J. Hakkila 6, W. Henze 7, R. D. Preece 1, V. Connaughton 3,8, R. M. Kippen 2, R. S. Mallozzi 2, G. J. Fishman 3, G. A. Richardson 2, and M. Sahi 4

[1] UAH, [2] UAH/CSPAAR, [3] NASA/MSFC, [4] USRA,
[5] Miss. State, [6] Mankato State, [7] Teledyne Brown, [8] NASA/NRC

The Fourth BATSE Gamma Ray Burst Catalog contains a set of tables that characterize the gamma-ray bursts that have been detected with BATSE. This catalog covers bursts detected up to and including 29 August 1996. The following tables comprise the 4B Catalog:

Table Name Description
Basic The BATSE trigger number, burst name, time of trigger, derived source direction, angle from geocenter to burst direction, information about burst overwrites for each burst. This table contains 1637 triggers.
Flux and Fluence Includes BATSE trigger number, peak flux on the 64 ms, 256 ms, and 1.024 s trigger timescales, and fluences in four energy channels for each burst. This table contains 1292 triggers.
CMAX/CMIN The table gives the BATSE trigger number, cmax/cmin and cmin values for the 64 ms, 256 ms and 1.024 s trigger timescales for each burst. This table contains 912 triggers.
Duration The table gives the BATSE trigger number, and the durations required for integration of 50% and 90% of the burst fluence for each burst. This table contains 1234 triggers.
Comments Includes BATSE trigger number and free form comments for each burst.
Exposure The sky exposure as a function of declination is given for the 4B Catalog and several subsets.
Trigger Efficiency Describes the fraction of time a burst will be triggered on each of the trigger timescales as a function of GRB intensity.
Trigger Criteria Trigger threshold and energy range vs. time.


BATSE GRB Catalogs

Catalog Name End Trigger Number of Triggers End TJD End Date
1B 1466 263 8687 920306
2B 2230 586 9055 930309
3B 3174 1122 9615 940920
4B 5586 1637 10324 960829
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