Fermi GBM Instrument Publications


  1. Updates to the Fermi GBM Targeted Sub-threshold Search in Preparation for the Third Observing Run of LIGO/Virgo, A. Goldstein, R. Hamburg, C. M. Hui, W. H. Cleveland, D. Kocevski, T. Littenberg, E. Burns, T. Dal Canton, P. Veres, B. Mailyan, C. Malacaria, M. S. Briggs, C. A. Wilson-Hodge arXiv Preprint.
  2. 2016

  3. Updates to the Fermi-GBM Short GRB Targeted Offline Search in Preparation for LIGO's Second Observing Run, A. Goldstein, E. Burns, R. Hamburg, V. Connaughton, P. Veres, M. S. Briggs, C. M. Hui, and the GBM-LIGO Collaboration arXiv Preprint.
  4. 2015

  5. Localization of Gamma-Ray Bursts using the Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor, V. Connaughton, M. S. Briggs, A. Goldstein, C. A. Meegan, W. S. Paciesas, R. D. Preece, C. A. Wilson-Hodge, M. H. Gibby, J. Greiner, D. Gruber, P. Jenke, R. M. Kippen, V. Pelassa, S. Xiong, H.-F. Yu, P. N. Bhat, J. M. Burgess, D. Byrne, G. Fitzpatrick, S. Foley, M. M. Giles, S. Guiriec, A. J. van der Horst, A. von Kienlin, S. McBreen, S. McGlynn, D. Tierney & B.-B. Zhang Astrophysical Journal Supplement,,216,32, 2015 Preprint.
  6. 2014

  7. Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor Detector Performance at Very High Counting Rates. P. N. Bhat , G. J. Fishman, M. S. Briggs, V. Connaughton, C. A. Meegan, W. S. Paciesas, C. Wilson-Hodge and ,S. Xiong, Experimental Astronomy, 38, 331-357, 2014
  8. 2013

  9. Analytical modeling of pulse-pilup distortion using the true pulse shape, with applications to Fermi GBM, V. Chaplin, P. N. Bhat, M. S. Briggs, & V. Connaughton, accepted for publication in Nuclear Instr. Meth. Phys. A, and [arXiv:1211.6592].
  10. 2009

  11. The Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor, C. A. Meegan, G. Lichti, P. N. Bhat, E. Bissaldi, M. S. Briggs, V. Connaughton, R. Diehl, G. Fishman, J. Greiner, A. S. Hoover, A. van der Horst, A. von Kienlin, R. M. Kippen, C. Kouveliotou, S. McBreen, W. S. Paciesas, R. D. Preece, H. Steinle, M. S. Wallace, R. B. Wilson, & C. A. Wilson-Hodge, Astrophysical Journal, 702, 791, 2009 and [astro-ph/09080450].
  12. Ground-based calibration and characterization of the Fermi gamma-ray burst monitor detectors, E. Bissaldi, A. von Kienlin, G. Lichti, H. Steinle, P. N. Bhat, M. S. Briggs, G. Fishman, A. S. Hoover, R. M. Kippen, M. Krumrev, M. Gerlach, V. Connaughton, R. Diehl, J. Greiner, A. van der Horst, C. Kouveliotou, S. McBreen, C. A. Meegan, W. S. Paciesas, R. D. Preece, & C. A. Wilson-Hodge, Experimental Astronomy, 24, 47, 2009 and [astro-ph/08122908].

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