BATSE Miscellenous Data Manipulation Tools
General Purpose Tools

Convert TJD to/from Month, Day, Year
Convert Seconds of Day to/from Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Tools for BATSE Data

Download BATSE FITS data files
BATSE trigger fits files sorted by the trigger number which is available in the BATSE trigger lookup table linked below.
BATSE trigger lookup table
A lookup table to convert BATSE trigger numbers to the standard event name format.

BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Data

3-D Gamma Ray Burst Light Curves
rmfit, the group's spectral analysis software, is available for download at the Fermi Science Support Center (FSSC). The software uses IDL and Fortran, and is available as a binary distribution (FGST-rmfit_ver33pr7.tar.gz, for linux) or to be compiled from source (FGST_DIY-rmfit_ver33pr7.tar.gz, linux or Mac). A tutorial (vc_rmfit_tutorial.pdf) is also provided.
BATSE GRB Catalogs Reference: A table of the dates and contents of the published BATSE Burst Catalogs.

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