BATSE 4B Peak Flux and Fluence Table Description

The FLUX Table contains the fluence and peak flux values for the BATSE gamma-ray bursts between 19 April, 1991 and 29 August, 1996. There are 1292 bursts, each specified by the BATSE trigger number. This table contains 18 columns. All fluences and their errors have units of of ergs/cm^2. All peak fluxes and their errors have units of photons/cm^2/sec. The errors are one sigma statistical errors. The peak flux times are expressed in decimal seconds relative to the burst trigger time for the end of the interval in which the flux was calculated. The channel 1,2,3 and 4 fluences cover the energy ranges 20-50 keV, 50-100 keV, 100-300 keV, and E > 300 keV respectively. The peak flux energy range is 50-300 keV, coinciding with the energy range of the nominal BATSE on-board burst trigger.

Since channel 4 is an integral channel, fluences given for this channel are quite sensitive to the assumed spectral form. Spectral analyses in this energy range should be performed with higher resolution data types.

Many of the bursts between March 1992 and March 1993 have significant gaps in the data and are not included in the table.

The FLUX Table is available for download.

The format of the file is as follows:

        	first row
    column  1 = BATSE trigger number
    column  2 = fluence for channel 1 
    column  3 = error in this fluence
    column  4 = fluence for channel 2
    column  5 = error in this fluence

        	second row
    column  6 = fluence for channel 3
    column  7 = error in this fluence
    column  8 = fluence for channel 4
    column  9 = error in this fluence

        	third row
    column 10 = peak flux on the 64ms time scale
    column 11 = error in this flux
    column 12 = time of this flux

        	fourth row
    column 13 = peak flux on the 256ms time sacle
    column 14 = error in this flux
    column 15 = time of this flux

        	fifth row
    column 16 = peak flux on the 1024 time scale
    column 17 = error in this flux
    column 18 = time of this flux
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