BATSE GRB Light Curves
BATSE Gamma Ray Burst Light Curves

This page allows you view the light curves of gamma ray bursts observed with BATSE. Currently, this archive does not cover the entire mission but we hope to update the archive with older lightcurves.

To view event time histories, select a BATSE trigger number, and choose the energy channels and plot type. You can select from several combinations of energy channels of the four channel BATSE disciminator data.

Typical data coverage includes three BATSE discriminator datatypes combined to produce each lightcurve:

Datatype Resolution (s)
DISCLA (red) 1.024
PREB (blue) 0.064
DISCSC (yellow) 0.064
GRB lightcurve showing different BATSE data types

An event for which a full dataset exists will have data in the following time sequence: DISCLA, PREB, DISCSC, DISCLA, as shown in the image above. All datatypes in the graph will be plotted in a single color. The trigger time is at t=0. The temporal resolution shown in a plot may vary among the different datatypes. The minimum resolution, if available, is shown in the upper right corner of the plot.

BATSE's Final Gamma-Ray Burst

BATSE Trigger 8121 Lightcurve 
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