EXO 2030+375 History from Nov 6, 2023 to Feb 22, 2024

EXO 2030+375 Short Frequency History

EXO 2030+375 Full History

EXO 2030+375 Full History

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EXO 2030+375

The parameters below are used for this source in the GBM epoch-folding monitor

Source Monitor Parameters
308.0633 deg
37.6375 deg
Orbital Parameters
Orbital Period
46.021300 days
Period Deriv.
0.0000E+00 days/day
2452756.67000 (JED)
246.000 light-sec
Long. of periastron
211.90 deg
Apsidal Rate
0.18 deg/year


Orbit from Wilson et al. 2008, ApJ 678, 1263, fit 2.

Some detectors where turned off between 58474 and 58480 MJD. This resulted in reduced detection significance and an underestimation of pulsed flux.

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