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The Compton Observatory Science Support Center (COSSC), in collaboration with the HEASARC, provides support and archival services for the CGRO datasets.

This page provides a convenient way to access the BATSE trigger data provided on-line by the COSSC. Data are available for the majority of BATSE GRB and Solar Flare triggers in FITS format. Detector response files are also available for forward folding model fitting.

To access the available files for an event, enter the BATSE trigger number in the box below. Select the type of event, and then click the "Submit" button to retrieve a list of available FITS files. This will initiate an FTP connection to the COSSC, and retieve the list of files for the requested event. You may also view the total available dataset by selecting the "Browse All" option from the menu.

NOTICE: Due to the naming convention used on the COSSC server, you must select the correct event type from the drop-down menu for the trigger number you entered. If you do not know what type of event the trigger number is, use the "Browse All" menu selection. A lookup table is available if you have the burst name (GRBxxxxxx) but don't know the BATSE trigger number.

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