X-ray Concentrator Array (XRCA)

X-ray concentrator optics. The larger one on the left is the XRCA, the smaller one on the right is from NICER.

Amptek silicon drift detectors with and without the TO-8 cap. The thin silicon-nitride entrance window is built into the cap.

Instrument Details

Low background, low cost, light weight single bounce foil concentrators developed for NICER. Much simpler and cheaper than traditional X-ray optics. Focal length 3 m with 2’ focal spots for enhanced throughput >2.5 keV (relative to NICER). Set of 107 nested foil shells with diameters between 3 and 28 cm.

  • 80 X-ray Concentrator units
  • Energy range: 0.2-12 keV
  • Energy resolution: 85-175 eV FWHM
  • Effective area @1.5 keV: 2 m2 (80 XRC units, >10×XMM, >10×NICER)
  • Time resolution: 100ns