Latest STROBE-X News

STROBE-X Study Report Submitted!

5 March 2019 Papers

The STROBE-X study report has been submitted and available on arXiv:1903.03035!

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STROBE-X Splinter Session at the 231st AAS meeting

5 Jan 2018 Meetings

The STROBE-X splinter session will be held on 11 January 2018 at the 231st AAS meeting in Washington DC. It will be at National Harbor 8 from 10:00am to 11:30am.

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First STROBE-X Paper Published!

15 September 2017 Papers

The first STROBE-X paper has been published!

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First STROBE-X Team Meeting

12 September 2017 Meetings

The STROBE-X Science Definition Workshop will be held 18-20 September 2017 at Museum of Texas Tech University.

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STROBE-X Concept Study Selected!

19 March 2017 Announcements

Great news! NASA as selected STROBE-X as one of the missions to study in preparations for the 2020 Decadal Survey.

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